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Espar Heater Sales, Parts and Repair

Foenix Marine services is an independent Espar dealer; specializing in heater repair and system control design. Guy Johnstone, or Steven as he was known at Boat Electric, was the technical backbone of Boat Electric’s Espar program for over 21 years. Many of the control panels and application devices were designed in part or entirely by Guy. With the demise of Boat Electric in 2014 Foenix Marine Services is the inheritor of over 30 years of Boat Electrics Espar technology. Foenix Marine Services may well be your best Espar repair service option. And indeed for those great "obsolete" D7 and D12 LC heaters Foenix may be your only option. It goes beyond repair. A full 40% of all Espar service complaints are install related. The marine environment can be extremely demanding on these heating systems. Taking feedback, from hundreds of installers over the years, special Marine installation supplements have been authored. Here again Foenix Marine Services is the single best source for that Information. The difference between years of comfort or years of frustration may be just a phone call away.