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Espar Heater Sales, Parts and Repair


All current Espar heaters have built in diagnostics. The heater’s Electronic Control Unit, ECU, will store up to five faults in memory. Certain faults, if repeated, will lock the heater from further start attempts. There are a number of devices that are capable of unlocking the heater and accessing the faults stored in the heater EUC. Espar’s EDITH PC based diagnostics system is probably the best of these devices. EDITH will interface with all heaters with the R2 and later controllers. With the later heaters EDITH will monitor functions in real-time, create grafts, record run events for review and even activate the heaters’ peripheral devices; like the metering pump and blower motor. EDITH files are also necessary for Espar dealer warranty clams. EDITH soft wear is window based and free online. The EDITH computer interface and heater adaptor will set you back around $400.00.


The Espar Diagnostic unit p/n 22 1545 89 00 00 is solely used to read out, display and clear faults stored in the heater's ECU. It will unlock locked heaters. List price is $376.70.


 Espar’s Digi Max Airtronic controllers will do every thing the 22 1545 89 00 00 will do + it will control all Airtronic heaters. It will also work only as a fault code retrial device with most all the Espar Hydronic heaters and they sell for around $125.00. There are several variants of the Digi Max. The 801 is the unit I like best. I set them up with heater interface for around $175.00 It will work with any heater that EDITH will.